July: Awakening Road Race 2023

  • Administrator
  • 7/31/2023

In order to promote the policy of socialization of the Party and the State on organization of physical training and sports activities, the Ho Chi Minh City Sports Bike Federation cooperates with the Binh Binh Provincial Sports Bike Federation. Dai Nam Racecourse - Binh Duong organizes a test motorcycle race - Awakening Road 2023.

The race is held in early July 2023, at Dai Nam Racecourse (No. 1765A Binh Duong Boulevard, Hiep An Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province), Awakening Road 2023 is an organized playground for speed racing enthusiasts, step by step improve the professional qualifications of athletes, contributing to the development of motorsport in Vietnam.


The tournament has the participation of nearly 100 athletes from many clubs, large motorcycle groups from many provinces and cities in Vietnam, the competition content includes 4 modules: UB150 vehicle system. ; System of sport motorcycles under 155cc; System of sport motorcycles 250 - 390cc; 400cc sport motorcycle system.


The organizers of the timed qualifying round determine the starting position for each event and the knockout for athletes who do not achieve the specified results. The final round of each competition module depending on the number of registered athletes will be selected up to 25 athletes with the highest achievements while the athlete will complete the number of rounds specified by the Organizing Committee Rules from which to determine the top things to do the final result.

In order to create a fair race in the spirit of healthy sports, step by step promoting the movement, the Organizing Committee has introduced strict criteria and regulations on racing car engines that cannot upgrade engine capacity larger than stated by the manufacturer. From this factor, fairness is brought to the driving technique and the upgraded parts to ensure operation such as forks, tires and reducers. And the athletes' technique is a factor that the organizers want to set out rather than the power of the racing car.


This is also the first time the tournament has entered the SP 150 system in Vietnam and gathered a lot of new riders along with a variety of cars from different manufacturers to create a new playground. In addition to the racing program, the audience was satisfied with the parade event of more than 1000 bikers gathered to watch the race. 

At the same time, it is a great opportunity for bikers to experience and demonstrate their virtuosity inside the largest racetrack in Vietnam - Dai Nam, where many domestic races are held regularly and also where athletes and athletes alike. Speed enthusiasts often practice to feel the racetrack.

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